Johnny and Sharron Ferrill
Elm Mott, TX
 We believe that this is the best Skip and Slide daughter of all.
I would really like to see this mare in person!

Cowboy Judgment colt

John and Julie,
Thought I'd drop you these few pics of Cowboy after 3 weeks of riding.  These were taken Saturday....first time on a cow and in a group of other horses.  Really pleased so far!

John and Julie,
I hope I find you well.  I wanted to let you all know that Cowboy is now with a trainer to get him started. He has been with Mark for 2 weeks.  In 2 weeks they have already put 4 rides on him and today he is graduating to the arena.  I hope to be on him in 30 days....I guess at age 58 I should be a little more careful but I am so anxious to get on him.
He is one of the smartest horses we have ever had.  Willing to learn and willing to please.  He was really a handful while a stud but now he is a big old lover boy.
We are very proud of him and thank you for having Big Cowboy to give him to us.
I think I emailed you before and told you that we had to put Mercy down (him dam).  Sad time but when I look at Dazzle and Cowboy I see her and that makes me happy.
Dazzle is doing great...such a joy to be around.  We ride the trails at  lake Waco and Whitney
and she has been great.  She is also a willing partner.  Take care and let me hear from you. 
Sharon & Johnny Ferrill