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For the first time in 20 years we do not have any horses for sale at this time.


Top 6 reasons not to buy a good horse:LOL

#1 The horse market is down and you can buy horses at our local Friday night sale for $200 to $1500.  
We have a local Friday night sale also (Mountain View, OK), and there have always been cheap horses sold there, they just get a little cheaper when the economy and slaughter market is not on a high.   When you hear that the horse market is down, this only means that cheap horses get cheaper.  Good horses always hold their value.  People who own and want good horses are committed long term and can still afford to own and keep them when the economy is down.

#2 We can buy horses that look as good as yours for a lot less money, they just have a little Impressive blood in them.
This statement is correct also.  You can buy them cheaper upfront, but if you ever want to sell them, you will have to sell them for less then too.  Julie and I could have bought up a lot of these Impressive broodmares much easier and for a lot less money than we paid for the ones we own.  We realized long ago that raising these babies was not profitable day in and day out.  The horse market is basic economics, Supply and Demand.  There is a larger supply for these horses than there are demand.  Some of these horses will be good minded and ride well and have the structure to stay sound, but many will not.  Sometimes, the extra you pay for a prospect if similar to buying insurance on a product.

#3 We can buy horses that look as good as yours for a lot less money, they just are not as big.
This statement is correct also, but again Basic Economics - Supply and Demand.  Oklahoma and Texas are loaded with 14 to 14.3 hand horses, I will bet there are millions of them for sale on any given day.  Many of the people who contact and buy from us need a horse that can hold up to heavy work and has enough leg under it to cover ground while doing it's work.  The Quarter Horse breed is a relatively small breed in reference to unrelated genetics.  As a breeder it takes dedication to keep the size up, because it is a tendency for the horses to get smaller especially when you try to line breed.

#4 We can buy horses that are bred similar to yours, but cost less.
This statement is correct also and  this is where our mission and dedication is important to you.  We are dedicated to producing a beautiful performance horse that is mentally sound, conformationally correct and suited for daily work and reliability.  We believe that our horses must be performance horses first and then they MUST look great.  AQHA refers to conformation as "Form to Function" and we endorse this theory.  We understand that there are over a million performance horses alive today and we have tried to own the best looking ones we could find for our breeding stock.  We understand that there are many breeders in our Market today, but few who are dedicated to producing what we consider the complete horse.  Similar genetics are meaningless.  The breeder must be dedicated to what the horse is on the inside and outside, not just what it is on paper.  Julie & I have traveled all over the country looking at mares to buy; many of them were better in on paper or prettier and even cost less, but we were dedicated to our mission of producing the complete horse, so our customers could buy with confidence.

#5 We can buy a prospect, but it is by an unknown stallion.
I am sure that this may be true also.  If you plan to keep your horse forever this may not be important to you now, but if you ever want or need to sell your horse it could cost you hundreds or thousands later.  People like to deal with name brands.  I think that everyone understands how important it is when you sell horses, but what about everyday life?  Our customers enjoy being able to tell their friends that they own a Skip and Slide or a Cowboy Judgment, because most everyone who has ever looked at a Quarter Horse Journal has seen them in an advertisement and recognizes the name.  People also like the fact that they can point out our web site and their friends can see and learn about how special their horse is.  Julie and I have been committed to advertising our stallions since we started over 10 years ago.  We have spent over $20,000 on advertising since then to ensure that our horses are known and recognized in the horse market.  We usually have an ad in the AQHA Journal every month of the year.

#6 We would buy one of your horses, but they are just too tall and I might fall off and get hurt.  That is why a shorter (cheaper) horse suites me better.  This is my favorite of all!!!!  First of all, I do not think that 3 or 4 inches in height would really make a difference if you did fall off of a horses.  Second and most importantly,  if you are worried about falling off, you probably should not be riding anyway!