Magness Quarter horses
John and Julie Magness 

A little about us:
Julie and I have been in the breeding business since 1996.  We both work very hard and have invested more than we probably should have in an attempt to accomplish our goal.  That goal has always been simple and the same, to produce a horse which is beautiful, mentally sound, athletic and can be used and trusted as a valuable tool.  I feel that people take this goal for granted because they believe that mot breeders have the same goal.  I believe that there are only a few breeders in the USA who's goal is even similar.  Most breeders have switched form producing a horse like this to producing a specialized show horse.  Most specialized show horses are not suited for daily uses because either the are: mentally too hot, too lazy or not physically suited for hard work.  Still other breeders seemed to be wrapped around concentrating on building a horse that looks good on paper, but have given little thought to how the horse looks or rides.

Our Testimony
Julie and I risked everything we owned and had worked for when we bought Bold Me Over.  We paid $25,000 for Bold Me Over and everyone in this part of the country came to see the idiot that paid that much money for a horse.  We knew that we had to breed a lot of mares in-order to pay for him.  On the 15th of March 1996 (the first year with him) we had only bred 5 mares and knew things didn't look good.  We were under tremendous stress.  The barn was empty and I felt like the weight of the world was sitting on my chest.  I sat down on a bail of  hay in the barn and prayed that God would help with the situation.  I told God that the business was his.  I had tried everything I knew from my degree in business and it hadn't worked.   I gave him back the business and agreed that if it worked I would  give him all the credit for any future success.  With-in seven days we had twenty three mares in the barn to be bred and thirteen were in heat at one time. We ended up breeding 60 mares that year for $500 each.  We paid for Bold Me Over and our advertising.  I attempt to communicate to everyone who asks that our success has simply been a blessing from God.

Breeding goal: To get mares in foal quickly  with the least expense to our customers as possible.   Julie and I understand what it is like to be on the mare owners end of the relationship.  Julie and I  try to always look at every situation from our customers view first and do what is fair.

Stallion goal:  To provide stallions that are the best  value for our customer as possible.  The horse market is very complicated.  It is hard to produce a horse that can be successful in the show ring and the sale ring.  We try to market our stallions so that they are a good breeding value for our customers.

Great horses are like great people -- they both have great mothers!

Produce goal: To produce the ultimate "All Around" or "Usin Horse," great looking, correct, cow sense, with a lot of speed and athleticism, but mentally sound enough to be trusted and trainable. 

Magness Quarter Horses
John and Julie Magness
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