Frequently asked Questions

1.  What does a brand of commitment refer to.
First: We use this brand to remind us that Jesus Christ is our #1 commitment in life and strive to run our business in a way that represents him.  Second: We are committed to producing a horse that is sound in all ways, (mental, structure athletic).  We believe that the things we claim to own are not really ours, we are simple stewards of them for God.

2. What kind of horse are we trying to produce?  Our goal is to produce a beautiful horse with performance genetics.  This has provided us a market to sell stallions and mares for use in many types of breeding programs.  We also have a strong market for our geldings.  We may not produce many World Champion halter horses, but we are producing horses that are useful, beautiful and sound..   

3. Why do we use Skipper W horses?  I did not want to at first, because I had always heard that they were pretty, but they did not ride.  When I rode Skip and Slide for the first time, I was amazed with his mind and his athletic ability.  I visited Jack Kyle to find the truth.  He told me that it was true, most Skipper W horses do not ride and many are not good minded.  He said, “You have to know which ones do work.”   Jack told me which ones to use and which ones to stay away from, so we have followed his advice.  There have been many times that I could have bought prettier horses for less money, but have followed Jacks advice.  This concept has proven successful and have enjoyed the reputation of our horses for being good minded and great riders.

4. Why do we not like Impressive horses?  I do like them.  We have had several, but the problem was selling them.  The top 1% will sure bring a premium, but what do you do with the rest?  Most performance riders are reluctant to buy them, because of their reputation.  I do not believe that most of the reputation is true, but the fact is that it is still there.  If I could consistently sell them for what we get out of our horses, then I would own some again.

5. What do we think about out crossing?  Some breeders look at out-crossing as a sin, but I believe that it is a must.  Line bred animals are a valuable part successful breeding programs, but your best results come when you out-cross.  This is called hybrid vigor.

6. Can we promise 90 to 100% conception rates on shipped semen?  I do not believe that anyone can.  Average conception rates for on premises breeding are only 70 to 80%, so shipped semen has to be less that that.  I have heard some breeders claim extreme rates like 100%.  They are either not truthful or they did not breed many mares and got lucky.  

7. Why do our horses not look as good as some horses in the QH Journal?  No horse looks that good, not even the horse in the picture.  The people who layout those ads: trim, expand, cut and blow up those pictures until the horse looks perfect.  I have challenged people for years to take those pictures to the farm and compare for their self.  The scary part is to go back 4 years after the horse has won the world and see what he look like then.  Most of them have nothing left after the steroids have worn off