This agreement is between Magness Quarter Horses of  12194 NE Happy Hollow RD, Elgin, Oklahoma (Owner, Megan Magness from here forward referred to as "Stallion Owner") and parties listed below (from here forward referred to as "Mare Owner").

Stallion owner guarantees a live foal from the breeding contract herein. Live foal is defined as a foal that stands and nurses without assistance. Should the mare prove not to be in foal in the year bred, lose her foal, or should foal not stand and nurse without assistance: Mare Owner shall notify Stallion Owner in writing before November 30 of the year bred (or the date the mare is proved not to be in foal, or loses her foal, or no later than one week after the expected foaling date); such notice shall be accompanied by a statement from a licensed veterinarian verifying that the foal is not "live" as defined above or has been lost as stated above. The veterinarian statement must also verify that the mare has received all normal immunizations including rhinonuminatus shots at 5, 7 & 9 months of pregnancy. Under the foregoing circumstances and upon receipt of the specified notice, it is agreed:

a: Stallion Owner shall give to Mare Owner a free stud fee, not to include shipping charges and other associated charges, to above Stallion (or substitute stallion if above Stallion is not available) the following year and only the same Mare originally booked (unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing between Mare Owner and Stallion Owner).

b: If Mare Owner fails to breed the Mare (or a substitute mare if mutually agreed as stated above) the following year, then the right to rebreed is thereby canceled and Stallion Owner is released from any further obligation for that breeding whatsoever.

Magness Quarter Horses will exercise judgment consistent with recognized standards of care and handling of each semen collection and shipment. but makes no guarantees as to the condition of each shipment upon arrival to the Mare owner.

Semen collection days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Mare owner must notify  Stallion Owner by 5:pm the day prior to the shipping day.   Stallion Owner agrees to make every effort to insure that Mare Owner receives each semen shipment when needed, but makes no guarantees about delivery dates or times.

Stallion Owner shall attempt with reasonable diligence to help Mare Owner settle each mare; if, however, for any reason the Mare does not settle, Mare Owner will hold Stallion Owner harmless. The breeding season shall begin January 25th and close June 30 th,  at which time breeding will be discontinued.

Stallions  2013 advertised stud fee is $500.  Stud fees are a onetime charge per contract and are only paid one time. Shipping fees are on a per time basis. 

The 2013 shipping charges for this contract are $125 for each shipment.  

A deposit of $40 should be prepaid on disposable containers (unless previously agreed upon by stallion Owner). Stallion Owner’s semen containers will be available on a first-come first-serve basis.  Mare Owner must return semen container to stallion owner within three days, at Mare Owner’s expense. All shipping fees and charges should be paid before any semen is shipped.

This contract shall not be transferable by Mare Owner without the prior written consent of Stallion Owner. A breeders certificate will be issued when the Mare Owner notifies Magness Quarter Horses of the birth of the foal and only after payment of all bills due have been received.

This document constitutes the entire agreement between parties; any amendments to or modifications of the terms of this agreement must be in writing. Should it be necessary for Stallion Owner to employ an attorney to enforce any of the terms of this agreement, including collection of money owed, Mare Owner shall pay all reasonable attorney’s fees, costs of suits, and expenses reasonably related to enforcing this agreement.

For on premises breeding:
Stallion Owner  will exercise judgment consistent with
industry standards in reference to the care of the mare and managing the breeding process.  All charges for veterinary care and procedures or breeding supplies will be paid by the mare owner.

Stallion Owner will not be held liable for any accident or injury to the mare regardless of how it might happen.

Daily board rates: Stall $10 dry, $12 wet, Pasture $7 dry, $9wet (wet means with a colt at side)

Mares name and numbers and special conditions for this contract: 

Stallion Owners Signature / Date

Mare owners Name,                               Address,                  Phone number                             Signature                                    Date